Omega Nurse Call Testing Pull Device

1. Ensure that the device you want to test is setup in the system already. If it is not setup or you are unsure refer to the Changing Room Pull Device KB.

2. When the device is setup proceed to the room or an area close to the room that the device is associated with to begin testing.

3. Notify staff that you will be performing testing and let them know what specific room(s) you will be doing testing on.

4. Once there connect to the Nurse Call computer using Team Viewer (make sure to grab credentials before you head up)

5. Pull string on device to set it off and if it is working correctly it will show up in the Emergency Call Monitor program on the Nurse Call computer.          

6a. If device worked as expected you can clear the alarm by either pressing the button on the pull device or by clicking the brush icon end of the alarm notification.

6b. If device did not work then re-check settings on Nurse Call computer and call Omega Solutions if needed        

7. Information staff once you have completed testing.

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