ALGO 8301 United Cloud Configuration


Portal Configuration


1. Log into to phone portal and go to the domain for required for the customer

2. Add new user 5800

3. Navigate to new user

4. Click Phones tab

5. Click the Edit Icon

6. Take note of information on the screen



Device Configuration


1. Connect ALGO 8301 to POE switch via Ethernet cable and on back of device connect line output to paging amplifier.

2. Find device on network and go to IP Address in browser, default password is algo

2a. Find device using router DHCP tables/ Scan Network

2b. Find it by using ALGO’s Network Device Locater

2c. Press reset button and the IP Address will be read over the speakers, make sure audio

      pot is turned up

3. Click on Advanced Settings, then Advanced SIP tab and copy the settings below:

· SIP Transportation = TCP

· SDP SRTP Offer = Disabled

· SIP Outbound Support (RFC 5626) = Disabled

· Outbound Proxy = <Proxy.tld>

· Register Period = 60

· Media NAT = None

· Server Redundancy Feature = Disabled

· Keep-Alive Method = None

· Use Outgoing TLS port in SIP Headers = Enabled

· Do Not Reuse Authorization Headers = Disabled

· Allow Missing Subscription-State Headers = Disabled

4. Click Save

5. Click Basic Settings and then SIP

6. Copy the below settings:

· SIP Domain (Proxy Server) = <Domain.tld>

· Ring/ Alert Mode = None

· Ring Extension = <Paging EXT>

· Authentication ID = <Paging EXT>

· Authentication Password = <Password>

· Leave Display Name empty

· Click Save and power cycle device

7. To use device call 5800 or press function key set to 5800

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