Factory Reset VVX Series Deskphone


Follow the steps below to factory reset your Polycom VVX device in order to restore the phone to factory default settings. This must be done before provisioning your Polycom VVX phone in case there are residual settings from a previous configuration. These instructions are applicable to Polycom VVX 101, 150, 201, 250, 300, 301, 311, 350, 400, 401, 410, 411, 450, 500, 501, 600, 601.

1.      Turn off the device by removing the power cord or if there is only an ethernet cable then pull it to turn the phone off.

2.      On the Loading Application screen press Cancel.


4.      As soon as the Welcome message appears, press and hold down 1, 3, 5. Release them only when seeing the Enter Password message appear:


5.      For the password enter the phone’s MAC address (using CAPS for letters):

o   The third button from the right will be labeled 1->Aa (1, arrow, capital A, lowercase a) this is the typing mode button.

o   The first character is the current keypad output (see above). In this this mode numbers will be entered by pressing the corresponding dial keys.

o   To change the output from numbers to letters press the typing mode button and the output will change to the next one in the sequence.

o   When in letter mode (“A” or “a”) each press of a key will enter the letter assigned for that key. To produce a “T” the 8 key would need to be pressed only once but if you wanted to produce a “V” you would need to press the 8 key three times.

o   After enter a character wait three seconds before entering the next character in the MAC address.

o   The numbers/ letters you enter will only appear as * on the screen, with this it may take a few tries to enter the password correctly.

o   On phones with a direction pad the left arrow acts as a delete key.

o   On phones with a touchscreen (500 thru 601), the volume down key can act as a delete key.

6.      Once you are done entering the MAC address, press OK.

7.      The phone will now either show Configuration Reset or Incorrect Password. If you see Incorrect Password, then re-enter the password (MAC address). If you see Configuration Reset, do not press any keys. The phone will begin its factory reset.


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