Honeywelll Vista Alarm System Adding & Modifying User Codes

The procedure to add user codes to a Vista 20P, 21iP, 15P and 10P is the same, the difference is the number of user codes each control panel supports.

A master user code is the only code that can create secondary user codes.

Honeywell's factory default master code, which is user 02 on every panel mentioned above, is 1234. The master code can be changed by using the current master code or the installer code (Honeywell's factory default installer code is 4112). To change the master user code enter the existing 4 digit master code, followed by the numbers 8 0 2 plus the new 4 digit master code twice, i.e., [1234] + [8] + [02] + [4321] + [4321]. When you've successfully changed the user code, you will hear a short confirmation beep, letting you know the code has been updated. To use the Installer Code to change the Master Code, once you're outside programming, enter Installer Code+8+02+New 4 digit code, i.e., [4112] + [8] + [02] + [4321]. You will hear a brief confirmation beep once the code is changed.

In addition to the 4 digit user code, a user is assigned a 2 digit user number. The master code user number is 02, the installer code is user 01. Remembering the 2 digit user number is very important if you need to delete a user code.

To delete a secondary code, do the following: [Master Code] + [8] + [User Number] + [#] + [0]. You will receive a short confirmation beep letting you know the code has been deleted.

To add a secondary user code, enter the 4 digit master code followed by the number 8, plus the 2 digit user number (any number from 03 or higher) plus the 4 digit user code, i.e., [1234] + [8] + [03] + [5678]. The system will beep to confirm the user was added.

The Vista 20P and 21iP support a total of 49 user codes.

The Vista 15P supports a total of 33 user codes.

The Vista 10P supports a total of 17 users codes.

The total number of user codes includes the master and installer codes.