NEC SL2100 Voicemail reference guide

Accessing Your Mailbox: 

Lift Handset (or press speaker key) 

Press your VM soft key (on display) OR if accessing your mailbox from another phone: 

Dial 333 , you will then be prompted to enter your mailbox number setting a security code:

1. Press your VM soft key

2. Press 67

3. Press 7 4. Enter new 4 digit security code **DO NOT use passwords like 1234 or 1111.

Follow Prompts:

a. Press 7 to always be prompted for a security OR

b. Press 6 to only be prompted for a security code when accessing your mailbox from off site

Recording Your Name for the Company Directory

1. Press your VM key

2. Enter 76

3. Press 7 or REC (soft key); follow prompts

Recording Your Personal Greeting

1. Press your VM soft key

2. Press Greet (or press 4 on dial pad)

3. Choose greeting you’d like to record: Gr 1(“in the office”), Gr 2 (“Out of Office”) OR Gr 3 (“Holiday”)

4. Press Rec (or press 7 on dial pad), press # to end recording 5. Press Lstn (or press 5 on dial pad) to review greeting or Rec to re-record Example Script: “You have reached the voicemail of . Please leave a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible. To reach reception, press 0. Thank you.” 


Listening to Voicemail Messages

1. Press your VM soft key

  • Press 5 on dial pad OR Lstn soft key to Listen
  • Press 3 on dial pad OR Erase soft key to Erase
  • Press 72 on dial pad to Save
  • Press 2 on dial pad OR RPT soft key to rewind (5 seconds)
  • Press 4 to Fast Forward (5 seconds)
  • Press 63 to Forward message to another mailbox
  • Press 84 to hear date and time
  • Press 5 on dial pad OR Next soft key to skip to Next message

Accessing Your Voicemail From Off Site:

1. Call the main number (or side door if applicable). When auto attendant greeting begins:

2. Press the # key followed by your Extension Number ex. #101 Note: If an employee answers, have them transfer you in to voicemail by pressing transfer, dialing 333, and then hanging up (you will then follow step 2)