Working with transfers Yealink T46S/U

  1. Answer call
  2. Press the transfer key
  3. Dial the extension you wish to transfer to
  4. You can either Blind Tansfer (B.Tansfer) or Send
    1. "Send" connects you to the user to discuss/screen the call and determine if they are available to answer. If they do wish to take the call press "Transfer" if they do not press "Swap" to return to the incoming call and inform the caller that the user in unavailable.
    2. "B.Transfer" will forgo the previous step and transfer the call directly.
  5. "Swap" allows you to alternate between the user and the incoming caller.
  6. To send the call to the users VM simple transfer the call via the above steps and the end user can hit "Reject" to send it to Voicemail.