The Auto Attendant Dial-Pad Menu


This article briefly covers each of the Dial-Pad menu items available in an Auto Attendant


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The Dial-Pad Menu

  • User = goes to a user (extension).
  • Conference = goes to a conference bridge.
  • Call Queue = goes to a call queue.
  • Directory = goes to the dial by name directory.
  • Voicemail = goes to a specific mailbox.
  • Voicemail Management = allows outside staff to call in and retrieve voicemail.
  • External Number = forwards to an external telephone number (for example, to send a caller to an on-call staff).
  • Play Message = commonly used for hours and directions.
  • Repeat Prompt = replays the menu of options to the caller.
    Add Tier = adds a submenu with a new greeting and set of options.