Troubleshooting UC Softphone on Samsung Phones

UC Softphone on Samsung Phones

Recommended settings to optimize Samsung phones running Android OS.

Recommended settings to optimize Samsung phones running Android OS.

Samsung smartphones have several aggressive power saving features enabled by default that may cause issues with the UC Softphone app receiving incoming calls.

The following guide contains recommended settings to improve UC Softphone reliability and stability on these devices. The following guide was written using a Samsung S22 on Android 12.

Note: The following settings may result in the battery being drained more rapidly on your device.

Exclude UC Softphone App from Battery Optimization

1.  Navigate to Settings -> Apps 
2. Select UC Softphone from the list
3. Scroll down and select Battery
4. Set to Unrestricted 


Disable Adaptive Battery

1. Navigate to Settings -> Battery and Device Care
2. Select Battery
3. Ensure Power Saving is disabled, then select More battery settings
4. Disable Adaptive Battery 
5. You may also optionally increase the processing speed if UC Softphone is slow to launch.

Select Processing Speed and select High or Maximum. 

Please note increasing processing speed may cause your battery to drain faster.

Disable App Sleeping

1. Navigate to Settings and search for Sleeping Apps
2. Disable Put unused apps to sleep

Disable Daily Optimization

1. Navigate to Settings and search for Auto optimize daily
2. Disable this feature completely

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