UC Softphone General Troubleshooting

UC Softphone General Troubleshooting

A guide to help troubleshoot common issues with the UC Softphone app.

You will require an Newer Android Smartphone running Android 9 or later or Apple IPhone running iOS 13 or Later to use UC Softphone.
A guide to help troubleshoot common issues with the app.


Below are steps that commonly fix technical issues with the UC Softphone app. Select the problem that you are facing to jump to that section

1. Not Receiving Calls
2. App Crashing/Freezing or Receiving Timeout Errors
3. Call Quality
4. Echo Occurring During the Call

1. Not Receiving Calls
If you are not receiving calls, test to see if outbound calls are working. If they are there are some places to check. Calls directly to my extension are not coming through


Verify your answering rules in the portal includes the device with the 'm' suffix


At a quick glance, you should see your UC Softphone device as one of the ringing devices. If the device with the 'm' suffix is missing, make sure your UC Softphone is logged in and registered and your answering rules are to simultaneously ring.


As an alternative workaround, you may also input your cellphone number in the box under 'Simultaneous Ring' for your mobile number to ring along with your extension.

Ensure you select 'Answer confirmation for offnet numbers' to avoid the calls reaching your personal mobile voicemail. 



Calls directly to my extension are working but not from the queue
Check to make sure your UC Softphone device was added into the queue ─ May require your Office Manager/Supervisor's assistance
Make sure your queue status is online from the portal or by dialing *51 from your device

2. App crashing/receiving timeout errors/freezing

Reboot Your Mobile Device
If you are receiving any app stability issues, first try rebooting your device. The below instructions will help you guide through the process based on your device.

iPhone and other iOS Devices
Press and hold the side button
Drag the slider
Hold the side button to turn the device back on

Android Devices
Hold down the Power Button
Select Restart on the prompt

Uninstalling and Reinstalling UC Softphone

If rebooting doesn't work, try a fresh installation.

iPhone and other iOS Devices
Touch and hold any app on the home screen ─ 
The apps will begin to jiggle
Tap the edbsn40624b9541552762c1a3deb73900851459d3135b1e53303583c4d3e29a3af5070137e980cf2d5ab0ae4a7cef9f6188c4?inline=true button on the UC Softphone app
Tap Delete when the option appears
For devices with Face ID ─ Press done
For devices with a home button ─ Press the home button

Android Devices
Go to the Google Play Store App
Search for UC Softphone and select it from the list
Now select Uninstall
Once the app is uninstalled, select the Install button to reinstall the app

After following the steps above, use this guide to reinstall and configure UC Softphone: 


3. Call Quality

Call quality issues generally boil down to the internet connection. If you are experiencing call quality issues on UC Softphone, the following information might help.

· Connect your phone to your home WIFI rather than use the data connection
· Ensure other apps are closed or not using the data connection
· Change UC Softphone to forward calls over the phone network to your cell number rather than use the data connection
· Reboot your Wi-Fi/Modem

Switching From Data Connection to Phone Network
Select edbsn204a90e288813d5c0b195cd1bacb0645d6963ad5334a78be028dc4bb99df914e4c6d2532613879ac5c8ec6527dae1b92?inline=truein the bottom right and choose Settings
Choose Default Calling Method
Change it from 
UC Softphone to Mobile Phone ─ you may also chose Chose before each call/Ask Each Time which will prompt you to select data or cell when you attempt each outbound call

4. Echo Occurring During the Call

If you or the person on the other line is experiencing any echo's during the call, there is a quick setting that might help mitigate this issue.

Select edbsn949fd47869bb15300b1f67e6a2ae9152732d7c4988a853aa2c25c6dff3f77eeadb0bba34187bb61737824c7b171548b5?inline=truein the bottom right and choose 
Select Enable Software Echo Cancelling