Portal Fax is a web-based interface for a single user to send and receive faxes from within their hosted phone portal. 

Portal Fax Features

Portal Fax has the following features:

  • A simple online portal access with error alerting.
  • Fair Use policy of 200 pages per month.     
  • Supports most popular file formats for sending.
  • Ability to preview and download sent\received faxes from the portal.
  • Send a single file per fax with as many pages as needed.
  • No additional cover page support unless integrated into the main uploaded file.
  • Received faxes follow the user's same voicemail notification settings (Portal & Email).

Error Messages

The simple interface offers full error messages on sent and received faxes after retrying each fax 4 times unsuccessfully.  Hovering over the error message shows the fail reason in plain English for all users.


Simple Sending

As simple as 1...2...3...select the Phone Number you wish to send from (you can have more than one fax number).  Attach the file and identify the receiving fax's phone number.   


Faxes are Moving to the Cloud.  The Savings are Significant!

Many businesses are saving $1,000 or more annually when moving their faxing to the cloud. 

The savings can be exponential when a business has a heavy faxing need or has multiple machines.   Multi-branch sites can now share an online faxing service to save even more and become more efficient.


Faxing is Still Growing!

Well, according to the latest market research, the answer is a resounding YES!  Even though they won’t admit it in public, that facts are that most business, government, academic and non-profit organizations still rely on fax in one way or another.

And counterintuitive to what you might have thought, fax usage in many industries is going up, not down.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Just look at what the latest research from the International Data Group (IDC) found out.  In a recently released paper titled “Fax Market Pulse: Trends, Growth, and Opportunities,” IDC reported that 82% of survey respondents said that fax usage increased over the past year, while only 19% said usage went down. 

Here are some of the highlights that provide more insight to what is going on.

IDC:  Fax is Growing, Not Slowing

  • For companies where fax was growing, it grew a lot, rising 27% over the previous year.
  • Fax growth companies expected it to continue growing by another 25% over the next two years.
  • Simplifying fax processes, making it more accessible, drive fax usage volume up
  • Organizations continue to fax because customers and suppliers use fax
  • Fax is a trusted method of secure information exchange
  • During the next two years, fax usage will shift to cloud services

Spiceworks:  User Survey Shows Most Still Use Fax

Meanwhile, the website Spiceworks, which claims a membership of over 500,000 Information Technology professionals, has also tackled the thorny issues surrounding fax which often bedevil their users. 

According to a 2017 Spiceworks poll, approximately 89% of small to medium-sized organizations still use fax in some form (including computer fax servers and fax services), and 62% of IT pros still support physical fax machines. 

source:  https://enterprise.efax.com/blog/the-top-10-reasons-companies-continue-to-fax-in-2017


We have 3 Faxing Solutions for all your needs

  • Portal Fax as part of the UCaaS Portal. 
    • 200 Page per month target user\business
    • Simple single page upload
    • Inbound Notifications by portal and email (PDF)
    • Uses an API integration with USA based partner (* uses USA Servers)
  • Online Fax - our Premium Online Fax solution. (http://www.faxlogin.ca)
    • 500 Page per month target user\business
    • Sophisticated Cover Pages (3 templates)
    • Multiple File uploads per single fax
    • Broadcast up to 50 different numbers at a time
    • Shared with up to 8 users
    • Delayed send options
    • Send faxes from your email (email-to-fax)
    • Inbound Notifications by portal and email
    • All traffic remains in Canada and uses Canadian Servers
  • HTTPS Physical Fax 
    • Specialized store and forward ATA device required
    • Interfaces with existing Fax Machines
    • Backup with fax-to-email when the fax machine is offline
    • All traffic remains in Canada and uses Canadian Servers