Working With Music on Hold

This article will show you how to set Time Frames and how to configure them for optimal results.


  • Manager Portal access with Office Manager scope.

Displaying the Music On Hold Page

All Music On Hold tasks are performed from the Music On Hold page. To display this page, click the Music On Hold icon on the menu bar:

The following figure shows an example of the Music On Hold page.

A search field at the top-left of the page allows you to view the MOH files for a specific user by entering a file name, and then clicking the magnifying glass icon:

The DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6v8ff9e2c622ab4c70a7fb02539c97c6d3 button at the top-right side of the page refreshes the information on the page.

Adding Music On Hold Files

The following procedure describes how to add files. Only properly licensed music files can be used with the Music On Hold feature.

  • From the Music On Hold page, click the Add Music button. The Add Music pop-up window appears.
  • Complete the fields.

    Setting Description

    Adding a Music On Hold file: Use this button to upload a file in MP3 or WAV format. Click the Browse button. Navigate to the music file, click the file, and click Open.

    Editing a Music On Hold file: this field does not appear.

    Song Name Enter a name for this file.

  • Click Upload.
  • After the file is uploaded, you can play it on your computer by clicking the DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6v38af45a9845242688d3449babb7e7470 icon to the left of the file on the Music On Hold page.

Changing the Order of Music On Hold Files

Music On Hold files play according to the order in which they appear in the Music On Hold page, starting with the top file on the page, if the randomization setting is not selected. To change the order in which files are played:

  • On the left side of the Music On Hold page, hover the mouse over the up/down arrows for the file you want to move (the pointer changes to a 4-headed arrow).
  • Hold down your mouse button, drag the file to the desired location, and then release the mouse button. A message tells you that the file has been reprioritized and prompts you to click Save.
  • Click Save.

Editing Music On Hold Files

There might be times when you need to edit the name of a Music On Hold file.

  • From the Music On Hold page, either:
    – Click a file name
    – Hover over a file name, and then click the icon at the far right of the Music On
    Hold page. For example:
    Either step displays the Edit Music pop-up window. For example:


  • Complete the fields.
  • Click Save.

Deleting Music On Hold Files

If you no longer need a Music On Hold file, you can delete it from the system.

  • From the Music On Hold page, hover over the file name, and then click the DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6vec8ccd6f0ada490b8b1db95775a70526 icon at the far right of the row. A confirmation prompt appears.
  • Click Yes to delete the file or No to retain it.

Adjusting Music On Hold Settings

To adjust Music On Hold settings:

  • From the Music On Hold page, click the Settings button. A Music on Hold Settings pop- up window similar to the following shows the begin and end dates for the time frame.
  • Complete the fields.


Setting Desctription
Enable Music on Hold Enable (check) or disable (uncheck) the Music On Hold feature.
Randomize Music on Hold

Play Music On Hold files in a random order (check) or according to their order on the Music On Hold page (uncheck).

Play introductory greeting                                                                                                                                                      

Play (check) or do not play (uncheck) an introductory greeting before playing the first Music On Hold file. If you check this check box, the New Greeting and Greeting Name fields appear for uploading or recording a greeting. Greetings must be in MP3 or WAV format:

To upload a greeting file:

  • Next to New Greeting, click Upload.
  • Use the Browse button to select the file.
  • In the Greeting Name field, enter a name for the greeting.
  • Click Save.

To record a greeting:

  • Next to New Greeting, click Record.
  • In the Call me at field, enter the number to call (either an extension or a telephone number such as your cell phone).
  • In the Greeting Name field, enter a name for the greeting.
  • Click Call. Your phone will be called. At the prompt, record the new greeting, and then press # when you finish your recording.