• Access to the Manager Portal
  • Basic User or Higher user scope
  • A registered phone. 

Log into the portal and click on the Messages icon. 

Select settings, this will open up your voicemail settings, Under the section "Greetings", click on the speaker icon next to "Voicemail Greeting"


If you already have an audio file you would like to use:

  • Select upload, and click browse and navigate to where the file is. 
  • Give the greeting a name and select upload. 
  • Click done, your new voicemail greeting is now active for your voicemail. 

If you would like to record a new greeting, select "Record"

  • Enter your extension number or a cell phone number where the system can reach you at.
  • Give the greeting a name.
  • Click Call.
  • The system will now reach you at the extension/number you entered and will prompt you on when to record your greeting. 
  • After some time your greeting will appear in the list and you can click done. 
  • Click Save Voicemail and your new greeting is now active.